Adorable: These Pets In Costumes Are Taking The Internet By Storm. This Is Going To Be The Cutest Thing You See Today

The fun and excitement at seeing the wild, precisely animals can never be enough. Free-wheeling, funny, cuddly and adorable, our pets and wild animals in the bounty of nature are really a sight to behold. But the ecstasy only gets doubled when these wild beings are up to some fun and mischief.

We present you some really awesome disguised animal images that will make you chuckle endlessly and simply make your day. The first one is the ‘king of all jungle’ surprises in an uncanny guise:


1) Lion King? Really?



Na, that’s just a cuddly golden retriever who’s been keeping up with a ‘masked existence’.

What follows next is an ‘aquatic’ surprise! Any guesses


2) Scuba-diving ‘Catty’ Perry



Really adorable that’s a kitty in an amazing sea-gear. Divers and jumpers watch out! You are going to be in ‘Feline’ company.

The next, blew our minds, truth be told


3) “Dog-pider”!!


Wow, what on the surface of good old earth is that? A Boston-Terrier, apparently got flummoxed at the sight of living in normal dog world and thought of barking up a great surprise, it seems. Way to go dog spidey!

Watch out for the next big adventure


4) A different kind of Potter-mania



Hogwarts enthusiasts and Potter fanatics move away and make room for these pint sized enthusiasts. These little hounds make quite a ‘spectacle’ of Harry Potter.

You are just going to love the next one


5) Bat-Kitty



Who can possibly escape the Batmania! None right? Honestly speaking, not even this adorable little kitty could


6) Disney Bunny



Whoa, someone re-invented what it means to be cute and snuggly! This bunny is what cute stuff are made of!