Amazing Discovery: Click To Find Out What Was Discovered In Jesus Christ’s Tomb After 500 Years

Jerusalem is considered the place of miracles as it is where Jesus Christ’s tomb lay for three days before he resurrected. The Church of Holy Shrine is supposed to contain the tomb which has been sealed in marble for the last 500 years (or more) since 1555. However, the church has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over the past centuries leading scientists and researchers to doubt its true position. And hence, a group of Archaeologists, led by Fredrick Hiebert from National Geographic decided to exhume the tomb, unseen for more than half a millennium. And here is the miraculous discovery.


This is the Holy Church, Jerusalem where lacs of pilgrims visit every day. Excavators just had three days to dig in and restore. However, they were shocked as well as relieved to reveal a second grey marble stone inside the Limestone Shelf, engraved with a cross presuming to be carved by the crusaders, the actual resting place of the Christ.


For many years pilgrims have been visiting the holy place with the hopes that they have worshiped the exact spot and the excavation proved their devotion to be right. It is the same tomb which was founded by the 4th Century Roman Emperor Constantine.


The Grey Mable Stone


Entrance of the Tomb


Tomb of Christ where his body is believed to have been laid after crucifixion


The tomb was opened in the presence of Franciscan Monks and Greek and American Orthodox Churches members.



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