Amazing: Poland Unveils Europe’s First And One Of A Kind Bike Path

To all those who thought that Poland was just about beautiful medieval castles and a whole lot of history, think again. It’s 21st century and akin to many of Europe’s beautiful and charming touristic destinations that have undergone a new tide of change marked by technology, digitization and innovation, adding all the more charm to many of its fascinating countries, Poland too has jumped ahead amidst changing times.




Poland isn’t just replete with iconic touristy destinations flooded with history in fact, it is one of the rare destinations in the whole of Europe that has added sophisticated touch to propel it’s indigenous tourism as well. At the moment, the talking point in Poland is a special biking track which is luminous.



Yeah! You read that right. This special biking track is actually the first of its kind; being charged by the sun.

Therefore, it is perhaps the world’s only biking track made for cyclists and cycling enthusiasts that is completely self-sustaining.




This special one of a kind biking track is located at Lidzbark Warminski, the capital of Poland’s Lidzbark County. Beautiful as surreal and charmingly enigmatic as nothing that you may have seen in life before, this special bike path is illuminated by phosphor, a synthetic material that lights up after it’s been charged up by the sun.



The road here can ‘self-radiate’ without depending on additional sources for illumination, giving light to cyclists and avid bikers for about 10 straight hours. Armed with the purpose of equipping safety to those who prefer and like to bike during late evening hours, the ‘Bright Blue Bike Lane’ is a charming new addition to Poland’s magnificent touristic and self-sustaining heights, something that most European nations are alluring the wider world with. Wow, take a bow Poland!