Amazing: This 3-Year-Old Picked Her Own Outfit For Picture Day And People Are Going Nuts All Over

Remember when you were a kid; what did you like the most?

Definitely the superheroes. They are strong, they could fly and they have what fascinates the kids most “The Superpowers”.

Nothing can be as exciting as seeing your favorite superhero fight against the bad. They make impossible come possible and this makes them more lovable.

The superheroes once again showed their powers, when a little girl who was allowed by her parents to dress for a preschool picture and all she wanted to look like was her favorite superhero. Though this doesn’t make the cutest part of the picture but how adorable her ability was to become a superhero herself.



Kaylieann Steinbach is a 3-year-old and deeply in love with superheroes. Like any other kid, she has a huge collection of dolls and costumes of superheroes who she treasures a lot. Her collection includes Batman, Thor, Hulk, Spiderman and Wonder Woman. But who has a special place in her heart is the one and only SUPERMAN.



It was her picture day when her father, Austin allowed her to dress in her choice of dress. Austin didn’t have a doubt of what she would choose from the day as he knew that her favorite justice league icon is what keeps all her mind occupied. Especially when she seeks her superpower from him which most of the parents think is actually a disadvantage.

Let us tell you that Kaylieann is a special child suffering from 75% deafness. Her father, Austin says that the best part of her is that she is happy living in her life. She is really fond of hearing aids and when we take them off as it is time for a shower she would give us a big ‘huh’.



The ability of the toddler to accept what she has to deal with is something incredible, says Austin and on top of everything the picture just did wonders and received many compliments from the deaf community.

The little Kaylieann communicates primarily through sign language but this doesn’t stop her superhero spirit and she aims to strengthen her superpower (what we call her deafness) to become her great weapon to fight the bad.



Austin loves Kaylieann’s school picture as he says it defines her real personality which is “unique, bold, outgoing, and stubborn as they come.”



The sweet little girl who already is an internet star has a bright future to look at and also one awesome preschool picture of her.