Amusing: These Inexplicably Strange Places Exist On The Face Of The Earth

The world, as they say, is a strange place. Truth be told, this isn’t just another wayward analogy but has a lot of substance in it. Literally true, there exist some rather weird and inexplicably strange places on the face of the earth that are as amusing as they are strange. And in fact, scary too, without lampooning much.

Check out some mind-boggling places that you previously thought didn’t exist:


1) Door to Hell



No, this one doesn’t go to your hateful neighbours house or the alley of your ex. In Turkmenistan, this horrifying pit was accidentally created by Soviets in 1971 when a gas exploded.

Hold your heart, as you scroll further.


2) Isla de las Muñecas



Mexico isn’t just the land of tortilla. There’s an isolated near-off island in its outskirts where apparently a man hung several horrifying dolls in the wake of a young girl’s drowning, to ward off evil spirits.

We warn you to scroll ahead only at your own risk.


3) This is Paris’ underground



Shocked? Blown out of your head is the right phrase for this. The land of marvelous architecture, Napoleon’s home, the land of Jazz cafe’s and sunny sultry good weather and Sartre’s philosophy has tens of thousands of skeleton heads under it’s earthy surface.

Heaven exists, here on earth. Next image is the proof.


4) Salar De Uyuni



World’s largest salt-flat surface area in Bolivia is an enthralling sight where skies come down to earth to render a deft kiss on its cheeks. As you walk here, you feel the ‘highs’, not for substance abuse silly but for it feels you’re walking on clouds.


5) Socotra Archipelago



Off the cost of Yemen, there lies an island looking like weirdly creepy mushrooms into the Red Sea. These thankfully are not poisonous.