Awesome: These 23 Genius Household Hacks Are Going To Save You A Lot Of Money!

Life hacks are awesome and we are madly in love with them. And why not, after all, they make our lives so very smooth. If you know the little secret of using them you will definitely be able to find out much more time for the things which are more important.

The hacks become a lot more helpful when you find all the tools required for it at the comfort of your home. Yes, this means a good saving on time and money. So here are some awesome life hacks that use nothing but objects from your home:


1) The Dental Floss:



You must have been using the dental floss for your teeth but do you know how good they are for cutting the cake.

Yes, all equal size of cake pieces and all you need is an unscented dental floss. It is also good on cheese, pastries, and cooking dough.


2) Toothpaste:



They make your teeth clean and white right, what if it has the same effect on your shoes? No not the whitening effect but the cleaning effect. Let the paste sit on your shoes for a good 10 minutes and then wipe it off with water. This hack works only with white toothpaste and not with gels.


3) Coffee grounds:



Are you sick of keeping away the odour from your fridge?

Try coffee grounds for that, they work amazingly. Keep some coffee ground in a Mason jar and cover it with a coffee filter, the results are aromatic.


4) Water and lemon



Those stains do not leave your cutting board easily. This time kill them with lemon and salt and see how clean your cutting board gets.


5) Vaseline:



The nail polish always gets down to the skin around the nails and appears really bad. Apply some Vaseline on the sides of the nails and you will never have polish on your skin.


6) Pringles Lids:



No more spilling of curd and beer if you keep those Pringles lids. They can be used to keep your jars tight.

7) Comics Print From Newspapers:



The comic prints from the newspaper are indeed a trendy choice for wrapping gifts for your beloved.


8) Nesquik Powder:



Love your ice-cream more chocolaty? Use Nesquik powder and put in on top of your ice cream. Go try it, you can thank us later.

9) Kool-Aid:



The lemonade flavor of Kool-Aid will help you clean your brassware and also clean your dishwasher. 


10) Binder Clips:



I hate soggy biscuits and wafers so I use binder clips to seal the opened packets of such objects. Try it, it is really a great aid.

11) Rice for coffee grinder:



The coffee grinder always has some residue in it and this makes it look filthy. Use rice and grind them in it to remove all the residue. It is a great hack.


12) Mayo or oil:



Stickers look good but only till some time, once they are faded they look odd and taking them out is a real tough job. Here is the solution, rub some oil or mayo on the sticker and it will come out easily.

13) Bread :



Whenever a glass shatters it’s a great deal to pick the pieces. The best way is using a bread slice to wipe the broken glass.


14) Socks:



Swiffer needs refills and they are really expensive so cut down on your budget and try using your socks as the refills. They clean amazingly.

15) Onion:



Is your sticky grill showing you bad days and also destroying the taste of your barbecue; clean it with a piece of onion and see the effects.


16) Sandwich Covers:



Cutting chillies is a spicy treat for your hands so use a sandwich bag to avoid the hot juice from burning your fingers while cutting.

17) Hairspray:



If you have ink on your clothes then surely your mom would be so much furious. Tell her to take help of some hair spray. It does magic to the stains.


18) Shaving Creams:



Bathroom mirrors and car mirrors need a thorough cleaning. So, what is your cleaning aid?? Use shaving cream to clean and wipe it with a towel or paper.

19) Eggshells:



Bottles have some really gruesome parts to clear, we advise you to use dried eggshells for it. Crush some of the eggshells and put it in a bottle with some water. Now shake it well and when you stop you see a crystal clear bottle.


20) Coca-Cola:



Burned your pan while cooking? Clean it with Coca Cola. Keep the drink in the burnt pot overnight and rinse it the next morning you will get a pot as clean as new.

21) Egg Slicer:



You can use your egg slicer to cut your veggies as well. Use it to cut thin sliced mushroom and make a yummy dish.


22) Vegetable Peeler:



A vegetable peeler serves many other purposes like peeling perfect slices of cheese for your pizza or mac & cheese.

23) Cornmeal:



If you or your guests have accidentally dropped some gravy on the furniture do not panic as we know an easy trick to clean that stain. Take a spoonful of cornmeal and put it on the stain. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and it will soak the stain.

Aren’t these hacks truly life-saving and indeed make your life more efficient. So, what are you waiting for, go try them out?