Awww: 14 Big Cats Who Think They Are Kittens. Who Are We To Argue?

Big cats and house cats have a lot of similarities. They are stealthy, cunning, ferocious, hungry all the time, pesky and super-fast. Except for their sizes, our pet cats take a lot after their big cousins. Or can we say it is the other way around?

Well well. Petting the big cats has become a new hobby of some kind. The cubs which haven’t had the taste of the wilderness sure act as little menace. Seeing these images, you may wish to pet one of these wildlings as yours.


1) See mommy, I can touch my toe… yahoo!!



2) Hey, we look alike. But you are a dwarf version of my mommy?



3) Let’s play hide and seek. I am hiding, find me?



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