Bizarre: Are UFO’s Responsible For The Earthquake In New Zealand? Read To Find Out

Some believe and some do not! Do extra terrestrial creatures and UFOs exist? Well, if we believe, they certainly do whereas if we deny, there must not be anything like that. On the other hand, earthquake is such a natural calamity that can lead to catastrophe. But how are these two connected? Another incusing question that may arise here is can these be responsible for bringing an earthquake at a place?



While a series of earthquakes hit the grounds of New Zealand, a huge seismic shake was felt across the country. The conspiracy theorists believe that extra-terrestrial forces are responsible for these natural disasters. Alien hunter Tyler Glockner, who narrates the video, says that people of New Zealand spotted the strange earthquake lights. “It’s very strange and there is no consistency between the reports of these lights so it makes you wonder what is causing the lights,” he says.





It is reported that three earthquakes have hit New Zealand in the last two days. The first one with a magnitude of 7.8 struck 57 miles north-northeast of Christchurch just after midnight local time on Monday and shook almost the entire country. However, the second one with a magnitude of 6.2 struck South Island at 2:20 am and the third one with a magnitude of 5.8 was reported to hit around 7am, the same day.



Also, two deaths have been reported- one in Mt Lyford and the other one in Kaikoura.