Bizarre: Do You Know About This Painful Technique Of Losing Weight?

Obesity is the mother of all health ailments today.

Nowadays, people’s focus isn’t on just eating right and having a great diet alone, but on combining a great fitness regimen to cope with obesity and to defeat it.

But what about those who are extremely obese? How do they cope with their health woes? Life must be hard for them, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at a rather bizarre process and method incorporated by the Chinese to help a really obese boy counter his health issue. But before that, a kind word: the images you are going to see are as bizarre as any and it may just amuse you to think how on earth could such a treatment be adopted to help battle obesity.



China’s Changchun Kangda hospital employs various techniques to cure and tackle obesity, but none have managed to generate as much interest as the technique of Baguan or fire cupping. This method is peculiarly painful one for the obese patient to endure. Find out how a kid is coping with this technique?



Hailing from China’s Harbin city, Li Hang is excessively obese and unfortunately suffers from severe growth abnormalities that also hamper his learning mechanism.

One of the aforementioned medical facility’s obese children, Li is more obese than other 52 children and is currently undergoing fire cupping to reduce the piles of fat accumulated all over his body.



He cries in pain and has to undergo a severely painful treatment. 



Li Hang currently weighs 23 stone, after being diagnosed with obesity, when aged just 3. He isn’t a teenager yet and his condition is abnormally strange, when compared to other kids his age. As a result, his bare bulging tummy is treated with towels lit with fire, part of fire-cupping process to burn bodily fat