Bizzare: Mysterious Polio Like Disease Kills Boy In Just Two Weeks. Read To Find Out What Happened

6 year old Daniel Ramirez was hospitalised in Seattle Children’s Hospital with severe leg pain on 15th October. He passed away on October 30th.


Daniel had aggressive symptoms of slurred speech, drooling, stomach and leg pain and incontinence. When he went through certain tests, he was found to be affected by a rare virus called Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) that targets the brain and spinal cord. Following the hospitalization, Daniel was paralysed. He also suffered two major strokes on October 21st and 27th.


Doctors were very helpless as the disease was acute and there were no medication. On 30th Daniel was pronounced brain dead. This is a very rare case where 1 in hundred children is affected. However, the illness is widely spreading in US and Daniel was the 8th child admitted in the Child’s Care with AFM.


The viral disease was first recognised in 2014 when around 100 children were admitted. Although they were discharged, most of them still live with the symptoms and yet to make a complete recovery. However, even extensive team of medical veterans have still not found the cause and ultimate treatment for Acute Flaccid Myelitis.


A report was published stating that the number of children affected with AFM have surged in the last year and might get worse. First symptoms include struggle to move limbs, tongue, face and eyes. It is a neurological disorder that inflames the spinal cord and ultimately leads to paralysis.


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