Braveheart: A Heroic Dog Rescues A 4 Year Old. Read To Find Out How

It won’t be incorrect to state that one of the greatest contributions of French Cinema has been the incredibly sweet movie, “The Dog Who Stopped The War”. This French-Canadian drama of 1984 is a riveting and moving tale about a cute Saint Bernard ‘Cleo’ who comes in between the fighting gang of warring children, split on two ends, and ends up giving its life in order to make the gangs come to peace.




What if we told you, something similar just happened days ago, albeit in a completely different setting where thankfully something miraculous happened?




Recently, in Michigan, a dog saved the life bang in the middle of a road to stop a 4 year toddler from being run over by a van. Would you believe it? The incident is of the time when, Dave, a single father, along with his two kids and Piper, the dog was crossing the road. But just at the middle of the intersection, something unbelievable happened.


Just when this family of four, including Piper were about to complete the cross-over to the other end, a fast moving minivan appeared from the other end. And thanks heavens, just before the van was about to reach within a scarily short distance of the family, Piper threw herself in front of the 4 year old kid.




In this bad hit-and-run incident, the baby boy did receive certain injuries, but thankfully no major damage was done. Meanwhile, there was no sighting of the daring dog who, just when fatality was threatening to hold the kid by the scruff of the neck, came in between displaying audacious courage.


Piper was believed to have run over somewhere amidst the pandemic on the road and as Dave was busy attending to his injured son, all thought that that was the end of Piper until she turned up, four days later at the household. You read that right!