Breathtaking: 18 Amazingly Beautiful Cloud Formations That Will Leave You Speechless. See NOW!

If you had lived your childhood in the country side, then sure one of your favourite way of passing time would have been sucking popsicles laying in the field and watching the clouds pass by. You and your cousins would debate on which cloud resembles a particular object. We all have done that, created dragons, spaceships, pirate ships, tables, umbrellas and lot more fantasy creations from the passing clouds.

What if we ask you to relive your childhood memories? In the hustle – bustle of our lives we forget to look at the clouds. Here are 18 lovely cloud formations you will love to see again;


1) Cock ra a co a Rooster



2) An excited Dog. Seems like chasing a rabbit.



3) Did you see the scary face? Resembles Harry Porter’s Voldemort



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