Captivating: This Is Why Slow And Steady Wins The Race (Pun Intended)

Photographers stumble upon weird stuff every now and then. Most of the renowned photographers have at least a bunch of extraordinary pictures that have made them climb the stairs of glory. However, it is not often when artists stumble upon couples making out in the middle of African land. Have a look at what Photographer, Paul did when he found this happy couple mating.




Behold; as these are no human but two reptiles that seem to be totally enjoying the slow and steady race of passion.


Paul Williams and his colleague were in Seychelles, North of Madagascar on a National Geographic Project, when they saw something totally intriguing.




While traversing, they involuntarily came by the sight of two tortoises in the act of mating. The photographers decided to hid behind the shrubs and capture the spectacle. Paul a producer and director from Bristol, has shot and filmed in almost 30 countries in association with BBC Natural History Unit, but this was his live first encounter. He will definitely not forget this memorable incident that took place in Karoo.




Going back to the scene, here we see are two extremely satisfied giant tortoises enjoying their moment. The photographs were revealed when an explorer exclaimed his slowest chase in history after he interrupted two giant creatures mating last year.

Similarly, when one of the animals spotted the photographers shooting them, he decided to give a chase.



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