Celebrity Lookalikes: The Last One Will Blow Your Mind. Click To Find Out

Perhaps the real reason why celebrities are so darn famous is because every now and again, out of nowhere, they can pull out an ace of a surprise. Could you have imagined your favorite celebs to be resembling some icons from the wide specters of literature, activism, even philosophy?

Perhaps not right? But, time to think again and match the columns of outrageously uncanny similarities between today’s stars and yesteryear’s famous icons.


1) Nicholas Cage- is really a time traveling soldier



Doesn’t the ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ actor closely resemble a civil war soldier from 1800? This isn’t a dramatic representation. This is truth!

What follows next will surprise you even more.


2) Zack Galifiankis- is really fashion designer Louis Vuitton



One excels in comedy and slapstick and the other is an icon that commands an elite fan-base in the world. Wonder when did Zack hide away from the Hollywood camera lens and do up some sterling cool bag designs and suitcases? Nope he didn’t. That’s Vuitton.


3) Serena Williams- a civil rights advocate in this birth?


Advocating the right to break the muscles of her competitors on the tennis court, given her prowess in the elite sport, what’s Serena doing here? Aah, that’s Betty Shabazz, famous civil rights advocate.

Next one will stun you.


4) Just how old is Jennifer Lawrence



Hot, cute and cuddly and now in a black and white frame? No that isn’t the wonderful Lawrence. That’s an Egyptian legend Zubaida Thawart.


5) Which one is Rupert Grint?



It’s the one on your right? Nope. Left. Okay fair enough. We confused you. Rupert is on the left and his lookalike Sir David Wilkie is on his right.


6) Ellen – a philosopher? Come on



Was she Henry David Thoreau who wrote the mesmerizing Walden? No, she just hosts the spectacular Ellen Degeneres show. Whoa, what a similarity.