Charity Adopted Ugly Kitten Who Was Left Abandoned

People should really stop dissecting others on the basis of their appearance. A ginger cat was left to die because no one was ready to adopt him for his unusual face. The Kitten was termed too ugly to be loved.



Romeo, named by Laura Llacer of Santuario Compassion Animal rescue centre, was left abandoned to die because of his unusual face with squinted eye. His brothers and sisters are all adopted.

However, Laura found the kitten and took her to Santuario Compassion Animal rescue centre in Spain. Today, Romeo is way too joyful to be a part of his new found family where he is being fed and taken care of. His owners are hoping that through Romeo’s story they can stop the prejudice that the world has set for ugliness and adoption. In fact, they claim that the kitten is very playful and adorable and is most disciplined.



“He spends his days playing and calling the attention of the volunteers to listen to him. It seems Romeo was a kitten to which no one wanted to give a home because they said he was ugly, and now people from all over the world have written us to ask for him. We hope that the story of Romeo will help to end up with a lot of prejudices and teach us that what is important, what unites us, is the desire to live”, said the volunteers of Santuario Compasion Animal rescue centre to the media.


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