Chicago Cubs: A Son’s Touching Story!

Chicago Cubs aren’t just any other professional American Baseball unit. They are an arsenal of strength and an incorrigible army of passion and devotion toward one of the United State’s most adored sports. In fact truth be told, Chicago Cubs are a unit so loved and adored and therefore, also so important to Baseball’s passion and resurrection in the Americas that they actually signify why sports make USA the ‘United’ States of America!



And in lines with this passion, a son to a loving and loyal Cubs fan, Wayne Williams went way beyond the call of emotional duty to fulfill a pact made to his father, who treasured the Chicago Cubs beyond words.



Wayne who is himself in the twilight years of his youth lost his dad, Williams senior way back in 1980. In the Williams’ Indianapolis household, ever since the aftermath of the second world war, there was habitual love for Baseball and in particular for one of its most celebrated Baseball outfits; Chicago Cubs.





So when recently, Wayne Williams discovered that his and his father’s beloved Cubs made it to the checkered and celebrated World Series and won their first ever title in 108 years, it was time that Wayne kept his promise he had made to his dad; that of hearing and celebrating the long awaited triumph together!



Now a question is ought to be asked, how on earth did Wayne celebrate the famous Chicago Cubs triumph with his late father when he wasn’t even around. Ever the loyal son to a loyal Cubs fan, Wayne drove all the way from North Carolina to Indiana, his home and went straight to the Greenwood Forest Lawn Cemetery, where his father resides in the grave.



Touching and emotionally lost for words, Williams hung out in the military section of the graveyard in a camp site and together heard the euphoric sounds of the father-son’s beloved Cubs’ victory. And thus, kept his promise that whenever the Cubs would win the world series, the two would celebrate it together. Well there’s nothing more to be said save for outstanding. Take a bow Wayne Williams!