Click To Find Out The Amusing Reason Why This Man Is Living With A Cobra.

Love! This powerful 4 letter word breeds on life. In fact, it is a synonym to life. We float in the air unbound by any troubles when in love and devastated when love goes blank. Perhaps the same happened to a man who bizarrely took love to such an extent that perhaps his inner system couldn’t cope with an emotional damage.

You will be surprised to know to the extent this love-scorned man went in order keep up with sanity, rather the lack of it.




A 10 feet cobra is the alleged ‘soul-mate’ of an Asian man who actually keeps the dreaded reptile with him at all times. The unlikely and somewhat bizarre duo are an inseparable lot and you would be surprised to know why?¬†




It turns out, Worranan Sarasalin from Thailand lost his girlfriend. He was so heartbroken and whacked out that he found all his love in this seemingly dreadful cobra with whom he eats, sleeps, drinks, cries and watches TV and even goes to the gym. But can you guess, why the cobra? Even we were left wondering.




Cutting a sorry figure, upset and saddened by his love’s death, the Thai man feels the cobra is the reincarnation of his former girlfriend!! Surprised? We are already scratching our heads! But there’s more to the madness.





Worranan feels, the cobra communicates with him the echoes of the heart and the tunes of love. That his unrequited and incomplete love is now complete thanks to his girlfriend visiting him as a 10 feet dreaded cobra is what makes him stick to his ‘love of life’ reborn.

You read that right folks!