Complete Homemaker: Bonobo That Knows Cooking, Starts Fire And Understands 3000 English Words

It is a fact that we, human, have evolved from apes and have learnt stuff that no other species of the planet have acquired. But wait? Is history repeating itself? Are we again evolving to time immemorial? The answer lies in this impressive ape, Kanzi.




A second or third cousin to chimpanzee, Kanzi is a 35 year old bonobo and a resident of the Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative in Des Moines, Iowa.

Kanzi apparently has mastered a number of skills such as cook his own food, start and douse a fire and communicate. His partake in all these chores is used for research and behavioural studies to improve the conservation projects.




Not only does he knows to light fire with twigs and roasts hamburgers and marshmallows but he is also excellent in communication. He understands 3000 English words, reciprocates to 500 words, can point out symbols and lexigrams and is quite adorable too.



However, scientists affirm that Kanzi is able to master these humanly talents is because he was raised in human captivation. Although, the research was initially carried out on Kanzi’s mother, she was not intellectual enough to pick up the skills like her son. This revelation has confirmed the fact that apes do possess a greater level of intelligence and if triggered, may work out in favour of the human and animal kinds.

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