Cute Dog Breeds: These Puppies Will Help You Decide Which One To Get Home

They say, dog is, apart from other pets and animals, for all intents and purposes, man’s best friend. But, truth be told, man’s most loyal buddy only got more cuter and lovelier as proved in the following amazing and cuddly dog breeds.

These will make you stop whatever is it that you’re doing and focus on good play-time and buddy bonding:

1) Cockapoo



English Cocker Spaniel met Poodle to create this enormously cute dog breed. Go to bed fella, you’ve been kissed way too much today.

Discover a ‘hot-dog’ next up.


2) Dachshund



An unabashedly cute and pint sized friend. He’s pocket friendly for its size and is thin enough to be ‘burgarized’ as you can see here! What a cute small headed stubby legged companion.

If you want to see the height of cuteness, turn over.


3) Pomeranian



The adjective for cuteness, the synonym for cuddly and the middle name of coy shyness, this is your stuffed toy coming alive in the cutest dog form ever.

We bet you can’t resist your next friend in tow.


4) Siberian Husky



Thank you god, for breeds like these exist only to take our sadness and grimness away. One mere look at this tiny little bundle of cute energy makes all woes go away.

Would you have imagined a breed so amazing like the next exists?


5) Maltipoo



Mix between a Maltese and Poodle, this tenderly small cutie is no bigger than 20 pounds. Light on weight, heavy on cute factor, incessantly loving on friendly scale. Way to go.