Cutest Halloween Post On The Internet: Volunteers Create Tiny Halloween Costumes For Babies In A Hospital

There are hardly festivals and internationally followed cults that draw as much attention as Halloween. It’s funky, funny, surprising and witty, with party being at the theme of its agenda. But there’s a catch: the festival of horror, ghouls and ghosts and fancy funfair has always had elders and grownups at the center of all happening.



There’s hardly anything in it for kids mostly, and rarely so for tiny newborns. But someone in the enigmatic USA thought why should the newborns be left out from Halloween celebrations? And this gave rise to some utterly exciting fun.



A group of volunteers working day in and day out at St. Luke Hospital in Kansas City in Missouri planned a special Halloween surprise for the newly born and thus in turn for their parents, creating one helluva of a party. It turns out that, March of Dimes, a not-for-profit organization working for the welfare and medical aid of babies based out of New York unfurled this pleasant surprise with youngsters visiting the St. Luke Hospital, Kansas City.



The volunteers created tiny but magnificently beautiful costumes for babies themed on American superheroes and even organized a party for the families there. In fact so adorable and palpable in excitement was the events’ reception that the parents chose their baby’s costumes based on their personalities. Would you believe it?