Digital Art: This Blind Artist Is Creating Masterpieces! Don’t Tell Us We Didn’t Tell You. Read More

There is something strangely inspiring about art. To those who love art and artists, loving both is effortless and comes easy. But the uncanny triumph of art above other creative aspects is that it appeals to even those who come to minutely understand it.


There is always enough room for discussion and enough in it to hold people’s attention for long, regardless of art seeming silly, repetitive, astounding or just phenomenal.


But what you are going to see here is something totally unbelievable and what one may rightly say is an artist’s masterstroke. Given the fact that the artist was ‘challenged’ by a pertinent sense that is the mainstay toward creating great pieces of art. To know what it is, turn over.



George Redhawk cannot see. Yet, his art-work, scintillating and jaw-dropping, to say the least, is stuff that is legendary. Implicit in the heart of George’s remarkable work is a certain blend of human values, feelings, and emotions that are blended with 3D atmospherics in order to render cutting edge finishing to his great work.




Blending his soul-stirring search for the difficult with his penchant for greatness, despite facing a natural short-coming, George’s work is endlessly fascinating. Whether it is an avalanche or his endless surge toward demonstrating the spirit of wilderness in human emotions, George is an icon, albeit an unsung one.




He uses a specifically designed software for the blind to finish his impressive work.




It won’t be incorrect therefore, to hail technology as George’s real vision and his work’s enabler.





At times, it seems that some of George’s work looks terrifying but it’s just an understatement really given his enormous talent to bring his work ‘alive’.










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