Disgusting: Mother And Her Boyfriend Caught for Injecting Her Children With Heroin

Where mothers are considered the reflection of God, Ashlee Hutt, a 24 year old mother, and her boyfriend is accused of injecting heroin into her three children and for calling it ‘a sleeping juice’.



Ashlee Hutt from Spanaway, Washington drugged her children (2 daughters and a son) aged six, four and two. Apparently, it was not her handy work alone but she was also accompanied by her boyfriend Mac Mclver who was also arrested for drugging the kids.


This was just the gist of the entire scenario. When police arrived, they found the children were living among rat droppings, used heroine containers and undisposed dirty needles. The cops were alerted by a friend of the couple. The children are now living in foster care homes.


After going through an extensive investigation, the police found drugs in the hair follicles, and scratch marks and bruises on the two year old’s body. On questioning the eldest child, it was found that the children were injected with a ‘mix of white powder and water’. Soon afterwards, the children would fall asleep after the drug. The boy also complained of being choked by Mclver.


When asked what were the mix and powder, the mother used to refer it as ‘feel good medicine’ and ‘sleeping juice’. After the children were tested positive with drugs, the duo was arrested. Although it is not sure if Mclver is their biological father, the pair admitted for being heroin addicts.


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