DIY: 17 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Old Liquor Bottles!

Have you ever wondered the things we can do with trash

Oh, not the slimy garbage, but the junks that occupy the attic and the garage. It is very difficult to determine which to consider trash and which not to. While the ones we do are actually being remade by extraordinary talents in another part of the world.

Every used and old thing lying around in the house has a bigger and greater purpose, for that you need the sight and the creativity. Did you know the simplest things in house like pet bottles, mason jars, popsicle sticks, the paint tins and even the broken cups and saucers can be reconstructed in to efficient and cheap DIY stuffs. Here are 17 Easy and Amazing DIY crafts with old Wine Bottles you don’t want to miss.


1) Fancy Christmas gift


2) Elegant wedding candle sticks




3) Epsom salt and glue wine glass Christmas décor


4) For your side table


5) Another room décor with paints and tape




6) A new age pasta container


7) This could be a perfect gift for your loved ones


8) Indoor herb gardens




9) Easy kitchen cleaning spray bottle


10) Sublime and hearty candle sticks


11) A variant of number five




12) Another herb garden idea


13) Ideal party drink bottles


14) Room décor, one more




15) Cheers to Coca cola


16) The one for your garden


17) Wall candle stand




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