Do You Know About Katie’s Krops? Click To Find Out How This 9 Year Old Girl Is Spreading Happiness Across USA

We don’t always have bucks in our pocket to help others, do we? And when we do, we prefer to spend those on our leisure and recreation instead of coming to some needy’ rescue. But have you wondered, what could be the other ways, instead of direct money involvement in which one could help the poor and needy?

A thing can be said for certain, what this young American girl did to feed the hungry is devastating and awe-inspiring.



Truth be told, not many youngsters are out there who are as caring, wise and blessed with ingenuity as Katie Stagliano. Could you take a guess how a school task, a young girl and a veggie started a revolution in America

Take a guess ?



What started out as a normal ‘DIY’ school project for the then 9 year old Katie Stagliano arose as a path breaking mini revolution of sorts assisting the poor and hungry. Asked to feed the hungry courtesy home grown veggies, Katie soon harvested a really giant Cabbage. This was enough to feed the hungry. But how many?

What happened next will blow your mind and move your heart!



The then young girl who hadn’t even turned a teen used her giant home-grown veggie to feed 275 needy ones. But that wasn’t all that she did. What started out as an inspiring mini school project manifested itself into a noble giant endeavor that would be known pan America as Katie’s Krops. This actually is one of America’s finest garden NGO’s today.



18 year old avid veggie farmer, Katie has expanded her ‘movement’ to 31 states courtesy 100 gardens. Various veggies grown are used to feed the hungry.