European Artist Turns Human Waste Into Mesmerizing Animal Art. Click Here To See His Masterpieces.

Across the polluted swathe of commerce, crumbling finances and politics, art continues to rescue our great world from the gallows of obscurity.



Every now and again, there comes an artist; a modern day Renaissance man who converts little, everyday, trivial objects into intricate and delicate art pieces that tell a story, paint a vivid picture and leave an indelible impression in the minds of commoners.



That man, it can be said, is a certain Bordalo, an expert at transformative art who manages, every now and again, uncanny art pieces out of everyday dump thrown in the United States, Portugal, Estonia and even East Europe.



And that said, it highlights a mind-boggling reality of the urban decay in today’s day and age that has richly contributed to Bordalo’s inimitable and wonderful art work, specially focused on animals. Thought-provoking sculptures, mostly in animal form made completely out of the daily junk that commoners are quick to toss away highlight the construct and pillar of this Portugal born artist’s dashing creations that one just can’t help but marvel at.



The artist who showcases an extensive portfolio of his art work on his Facebook, Instagram and off course, his own website has channelized everyday dump into forming an ocean of unparalleled art, and it is a facet and talent that not many possess the charm to match.