Everyone Seems To Be Talking About This Picture. Let’s Find Out What Is So Special About It?

Christmas and Romance go hand in hand. At least for couples, deeply in love, it seems to be the case. Few things could be better than having your romantic better-half by your side amidst one of the most keenly awaited festivities. Isn’t it?



That said, spare a thought for those who are single. What would they be up to at this time of the year? What would their plans be?




For sure, going ice-skating or mall-hopping or indulging in back-to-back cinematic escapes on the idiot box all by oneself doesn’t seem to be a very fine idea. Or does it?

Recently, a youngster in Britain made waves about giving a different albeit funnily notorious slice of life about how we was celebrating Christmas. And in doing so, his image knocked up social media, spiraling into a viral sensation.

Find out what about this man’s Christmas image is getting the world talking



Whoa! Did you see that? What must have been the thought process of this quick-witted bloke at the time when he decided to put this up? One reckons, tired of the same question being posed at him about whether he was seeing someone or not and if his Christmas plans were about celebrating the wonderful time of the year by himself or not, took him to take the Mickey out of people.

But there could be another reason to this story which may have influenced the Briton to pose the way he did.



At times, one doesn’t want to seem like an escapist to the world. One loathes the idea of being judged for one’s relationship status. This isn’t to belittle the genuine concern of our well-wishers who want us to be happy and ‘settled’ in life.

But truth be told, at the end of the day, it is nobody’s business to make your love life the talk of town, in the guise of concern and good wishes.

Therefore, the funny but coy way in which the man hit the nail real hard was perhaps a way to ‘nail them’ at their own game.

Love or no love, celebrate Christmas. Go out there and be yourself, with or without your better half.