Facepalm: Pensioner Arrested For Stealing Grass

70 year old, Valarie Vivian was arrested for laying 150 ft. gravel path and stealing grass from neighbourhood.


Valarie is a joint owner of a communal garden in Bathampton, Somerset. Reportedly, she was found digging newly laid soil in the garden with trowel by a Miller Walk resident.


It turned out that Mrs. Vivian wants to build houses on the land behind the residential property she lives in. All she was doing was to pave a track from her property to the plot. And since the property is owned by multiple residents, they turned angry as they were equally responsible for the maintenance. They declared that the Local Council should be consulted for any amendment on the land.

And hence, the local council rejected Valarie’s order and the locals were asked to retain the damaged path in July. They were given time until October. The Miller Walk residents removed the gravel path and laid new seeds for the grass again.




Following this, Mrs. Vivian decided to take matters in her hand and last week was spotted to dig chunks of grass out along with a 30 year old relative. A local resident immediately called the police after spotting Vivian, ‘’She was lying down on the ground, sort of flat on the ground, leaning on her elbows … She was ripping the grass out and dropping each piece in a bag and taking the bag when it was full and dumping it on her land.”



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