Fitness: Look At Those Muscles. These 6 Animals Are Giving Social Media Serious Fitness Goals

Today’s day and age, is one marked by the need to keep fit. But for some, the definition to fitness is bulging biceps and ripping brawns. But what if, we told you that it wasn’t just the mankind that hit the gym and pumped iron?

What would your reaction be? 


1) Kangaroo Kaboom



Wow. How’s that for Australia’s most endeared animal? Who wants to go arm-wrestling with this bloke?
And this is the beginning, we warn you!


2) The Lioness with Ms. World title!



Na it’s unofficial! But given the blasting frame of this lady here, time is right to crown her with the title!

But wait till you see the next one.


3) Mr. Massive Horse



Anyone here aware about which gym does this massive horse visit? And how many times a day? Would you be intimidated at seeing this buddy approaching you menacingly or the one coming next up?


4) Squirrel with jacked biceps



And all this time we thought our little friend here was only about carefree jumping and hopping and nut-eating here and there. Who wants to shake hands with this buddy?

Probably, you will be overwhelmed with the next one.


5) Pumped up Stag



We better have a stag entry here
Not sure if angering this guy here is a good idea after all!


6) Envious Mr. Chimpanzee



What if he slapped a good friend and gave someone a slam dunk in anger? Guess, it won’t be a pretty sight, or will it?