Futuristic: These Bicycle Designs Will Leave You Speechless. Read To Find Out Why

Overall the past several decades, bicycling has emerged as a way of life. For people on a health-conscious planet, bicycling is no more just about fitness and health or a means to stay active. It is also an effective antidote to the existence of lethargy and as some will call it, boredom.

Interestingly, some new futuristic bike designs have unearthed on social media that have taken the internet space by storm which with the advent of design and technology have taken arresting design to a grand visually appealing space.

So here’s a touchdown on exciting, constantly evolutionary must have bikes of the future:


1) Furious Sports Bike



It’s an upbeat and pushy avatar of the traditional bicycle design framework. An experimental design and a beautiful one at that, designed by Nenad Kostadinov, the thick bars and wide mechanics of the Furious sports bike make it a tantalizingly hot design aspect.


2) Folding Backpack Bicycle



Like trekking? Enjoy jogging? Fancy some obscure trips into the wild where being on a bicycle is a great idea to experience the nature closely? Make way for Folding Backpack Bicycle. Designed by Bergmonch, this is a sturdy bicycling companion.


3) Honda U-3 X



Technically a Uni-cycle, this is the latest innovation extraordinaire from the house of Honda and boy, ain’t that something special!


4) Artikar



Imagine having to derive the fun of riding a bicycle whilst lounging in an area that’s a marked design of a wagon? Yup, minimalism is changing new vibrant colors nowadays as you can see.


5) Taurus Seat-less bike



Those who are into extreme exercising can gear up to pack a punch or two with this seat-less grunge exercise regimen, designed by Julia Meyer.


6) ThisWay



This is the way to be, with word’s first and finest transparent surface roof equipped bike. Now the rain can go hide itself.