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Goosebumps Guaranteed: Assassinations Of JFK & Lincoln Have A Shocking Connection!! Actually 15.

If you are a master of history and think you know about it all around the world than possibly you are walking on a wrong path as there are many famous incidents in the world’s history that are probably hidden from your naked eyes. For instance, John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln are pretty well-known personalities and their assassination is an international tale of tragic interest. Even if you know about them we are sure you do not know about some really hidden secrets of this tale.

Yes, the two tragic stories have many coincidences that walk side by side and are enough to leave you in a shocked state. Here are a few similarities in both the tales that will leave your jaw dropped; how J.F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln assassinations have many likenesses:

1) Isn’t it strange that Abraham Lincoln came to power in the year 1846 and John F. Kennedy was elected to the Congress in the year 1946; exactly 100 years preceding Abraham? This doesn’t happen quite commonly.




2) Another similarity is the year Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy became the president. While Abraham Lincoln became president in 1860, John F. Kennedy was elected president in 1960.



3) The assassination of both the great men was so tragic. But, to our surprise both of them were killed with a shot to the head and almost at the same place.




4) The murderers who did the heinous task of shooting the Presidents have an amazing date of births. John Wilkes Booth was born in the year 1839 and surprisingly Lee Harvey Oswald in the year 1939.



5) To add up the shock both the assassinators have three nicknames each and were quite famous with these names.




6) Booth, who killed Abraham ran from the theatre after shooting the president and was later caught in a warehouse. In the latter incident Oswald, Kennedy’s murderer ran after the crime from a warehouse and was caught in a theatre.



7) Much before the trail of both the murderers could have taken place they both were also assassinated.




8) The successors of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln have the same name; “Johnson” and have exactly 100 years of age difference.



9) The coincidence are taking a great height as the fact is so shocking that John Kennedy had a secretary whose name was Mrs. Lincoln whereas Lincoln had a secretary with the name John Kennedy.




10) Old is gold and both these golden Presidents won the election and came to power when they were in their 60s.



11) The witnesses in both the assassination cases gave their statements that the bullets were fired from some other location than from where the killer was actually standing.




12) Both the powerful men were elected to the congress in the years ’47 and later in the years ’56 ended up as the vice presidential runner-ups.



13) Kennedy and Lincoln were accompanied by another couple at the time of the assassination and in both the incidents the male was also hurt by the criminal.




14) Both the men married a lady who was 24 years old at the time of marriage and was a fluent French speaker.



15) The assassination of both the men took place on Friday and that too before a major holiday.



No, this really isn’t a conspiracy but a series of coincidences which leave you shocked and with a lot of stuff to think over. You never know how many other similarities will come out with the passing time and give us more thoughts to wonder. Till then just think how co-incidents happen in life. Also, did anyone say reincarnation?