Happiest Nation In The World To Become Europe’s First All-Organic Country. That’s Awesome!!

You know Denmark for its awesome date with history and enchanting romance with beautiful and soulful architecture. You love Denmark for its inimitable Tivoli Gardens, the incredible mermaid statue and also for giving the world a penchant for the incredible Danish Pastry.



Now, there’s another new reason to love and admire the world’s ‘most happiest’ nation. It turns out, as recent as the end of 2015, the Danish Government accumulated 53 million Euros to transform the nation into an ‘organic nation’ in entirety.



Soon after Bhutan in Asia announced the world its intention to become the first 100% organic nation, it turns out that soon to follow in Bhutan’s footsteps is the incredible European nation. Already producing and exporting an overwhelming amount of organic products to the larger world, Denmark’s newest plans have already got the European nation talking.



As a matter of fact, since 2000, Denmark’s economy has been boosted by organic exports by up to 200%. As a part of the major shift in Danish fortunes toward the bigger, brighter and healthier future, all government regulated and privately run institutes are being encouraged to promote pesticide free, bio-dynamically grown crops and produce. And that said, the first phase in the target to get all Danes organic is to first strive to serve up to 60% of all organic produce around the country.



If Denmark does manage to succeed in this healthy endeavor and there are chances it will, this will boost other world nations to follow suit! Take a bow Denmark.