Hard To Believe: These 14 Pictures Reveal Extreme Pollution in China

Pollution in any form is harmful and health hazardous. Is it very hard to see the increasing effect of global warming manifesting in our lives? Smoke emitting from large industrial chimney is not the only factor that denotes pollution. Even littering your neighbourhood with plastic bottles and listening to obtrusively loud music or honking for no reason can be defined as pollution.

Whether we understand or not, the fact that we are voluntarily harming the planet is going to give us a hard blow sooner than ever. The damages have already been spinning, especially among the new born. If you still have doubts, these pictures will reveal how Pollution in China is taking a toll on living beings.


1) This isn’t morning fog, rather it is thick smog in noon



2) Man finds way through thousands of poisoned fishes


3) Workers cleaning up an oil spill



4) A normal view from Beijing Skyline – Yes this is dense smog


5) Wonder? An episode in the far end of Great Wall of China



6) Chemicals and hazardous waste lying around water pipe line


7) Sewage pipe flows into the ocean



8) This is supposed to be a freshwater lake – dead fish floating




9) Smoke emitting from a Factory



10) After effects of flood – spilled trash all over




11) Oil spill clean-up part II



12) Fresh water brimming with hazardous garbage




13) Frozen River or frozen chemical waste?



14) Last but not the least; the future? Will this bring the end of it?



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