Hey, Do You Remember These Cartoons? Such Coolness, Right?

Cartoons can make our lives fun even in despair.

Cartoons can free us from the mundane that life so often throws at us.


Cute and cuddly, they’re inspiring stuff that can fire us from within and make us believe in the niceness amidst despair. But wait.

One wonders, popular culture, so easily influencing us always and in case of cartoons, rightly so has witnessed a sea-change. We no longer remember the golden era toons, which are now almost stuff of nostalgia.



In the Pokemon and Doremon era, where toons are more products to be owned than laughter therapy that they once were, many cartoons are being packed as beautiful memories.

Let’s take a look at some wonderful cartoons and characters that are rarely talked about nowadays in the space where social media furnishes instant humor and idolizes any individual, whether blessed with longevity or not, as a funny character


He Man and the Masters of the Universe



The music, the manliness, the show of chivalry with an understated grandness, there was perhaps no kid out there who didn’t believe in He-Man. Produced by Filmaton, today He-Man exists, in memories as an undisputed cult.

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Pocahontas- the forgotten Disney princess


In case you didn’t know, Pocahontas was inspired from a real Native American lady who rose to fame during colonial settlement in Virginia. But does anyone remember this petite, god-gifted beauty of a cartoon


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Buggs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the cat and whatnot?


The looney tunes entertained us from 1930s to 1969 thanks to Warner Bros. but are long, a thing of past. Incidentally, long before Twitter did all the tat-tat, there was a certain Tweety.


Scooby Dooby Doo 


If there was one cartoon that gave people as much stomach-ache as teary eyed splatters, and both on account of laughter, then it was this gem by Joe Ruby and Ken Sparks. There was a reason why Scooby was in fact a ‘great’ Great Dane.