Hidden Message: This Student’s Raunchy Message Uncovered In School Book Design Years Later

Whosoever said that students are naughty and clever while still young wasn’t wrong. Or so it seems from the exploits of a kid from Palisades Charter High School from Los Angeles, USA.

In case you are wondering if this kid did something seriously hideous, must we say no. If you thought he played a dirty trick on one of his fellow kid students, then the answer to that is also no.

In fact, this student, way back in 2004, hid a deviously funny message secretively in his school project which has only been found now.






Once you actually get to know the secret message ‘hidden’ in this booming school project trap, you will simply admire the genius of this kid. The image you see upfront is actually designed by the said student and is the front cover of the school leaver’s graduation book. This was designed 12 years back.

Have you uncovered the hidden message yet?


The happy looking Dolphin seemingly jumping out of joy from the seas contains an expletive. It isn’t too much of a rocket-science to discover it. Here’s the clue. Picture the part toward the bottom right of the dolphin image and you’ll find it right there. One wonders what this mischievous kid is up to nowadays?