INSPIRING: Meet Teddy Bear Maker – The Most Noble Kid In Australia

Campbell Remess is all of 12. He is funny, jovial, very young and Australian. Now you would wonder what is so special about Campbell Remess? The truth is, this Hobart-based young Aussie kid designs teddy bears for sick kids so that they can smile and feel good whilst battling very serious health woes and conditions.



In a remarkable act for a boy of just 12, Campbell, shot to global fame when an everyday regular video of his, making teddy bears got posted online. Thanks to us living in the age of social media, Campbell Remess’ honest and noble work fetched him 30 million views online.



That’s a lot of views. But what is special about this young and brilliant Australian kid is that, at an age where he could have just hung out with his family at local Rugby or Cricket games, or just in the neighborhood’s botanical garden trying to make his first girlfriend or doing other kid things, Campbell charted a different and saintly path for himself.



His mother’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing ever since the video about her son making teddy bears out of fur and fluff donated by others using his room’s sewing machine surfaced online. And amazingly, that is not all. For a good part of last three years, Campbell Remess has been working almost every single day to make Teddy Bears for sick kids.



The bears- cuddly and sweet- once ready are donated to kids convalescing with their ailments and health issues.


Watch The Video Here.