Lego Lovers: This Mom Turned Her Old Table Into A Masterpiece. Click To Find Out, Now!


They are the eternal source of joy here on earth and our dear almighty’s god-sent angel on the face of earth. With such passion, joy and unconditional love, they fill our lives with purity and simplicity, soothing the terse surface of life with their warm embrace of care.

Isn’t that right?

But there is also a very unique attribute about our mothers that truly makes them one of a kind and really special. That facet is creativity. Using this unique acumen- creativity- our mothers re-define our lives and in turn, shape theirs. Find out what this mum did using her immense creativity to brighten her life and of those around her.


A mundane object completely out-turned



This was the table that blogger mom by the name of Crystal Waggonner bought for meager sum of just 5 dollars. What she did next surprised everyone!




What you’re seeing now is a reincarnation of dramatic creativity, as if it took a new form, perhaps at its best. This mom, Crystal made that odd looking wooden piece of furniture into a blooming piece of art work, straight out of a Lego design guide book.

But what went on to this work, before it appeared like this?




It took a fair amount of carpentry, spray painting, edging and re-sizing to make the hitherto staid and unimpressive woodwork into this aesthetically pleasing design.

The Lego table house on the wonderful piece of art



Crystal Waggonner’s amazing bit of art skill into turning something really unimpressive into appealing art- fashion proves that boredom does have a power to extract the best from us. That, there’s always some hidden artist in us that can get his or her imagination fired up by some incredible endeavor is also true. Well done blogger mom!