Man Books Hotel And Asks For Weird Requests You Would Have Never Heard About

The first thing you think about while planning a vacation is the place you are going to stay while in a foreign land. The perfect idea of choice is a hotel room that offers you a comfortable bed, privacy, good food and where you can let your hair down and succumb to sleep.

You may or may not book a perfect hotel. But still, the perfect way to book a hotel is the online booking segment. You must read the reviews of the hotel and the services they offer. While some reviews of the hotel might be creepy there would be some that tells you how far the hotel reaches to meet your expectations.

One man came to know about few such hotels which literally do anything to fulfill their guest’s requests made while booking the rooms before they come over for a stay. The result of some of these requests is hilarious and you can see them below.

If ever you felt like out of place while checking in a hotel, here are 9 superb things you could try doing:

MadVillainousDave, an Imgur user shared his experience with a Hotel booking on the popular site and results are something to be seen.



This was what he got when he first checked in the room



The request was a joke that he made while booking the room and he wasn’t expecting this. In fact, he had forgotten about the stupid request he made when he checked into the hotel a month later.



But very soon he realized that these were the odd requests he made to the hotel staff to arrange when he checks in their hotel.



This was the mesmerizing portrait of Bacon set to welcome him in the room.

The silly requests might be annoying for the staff of any other hotel but the staff here seems happy to fulfill what the guest’s request for.



How would you react and request if you know the staff might go this far to fulfill your request?



I would definitely go for this.



The person must be inspired by the cruise ships when he desired to have this in his room.



Indeed a mastermind and a playful mind that was so hilarious in making stupid requests and accolades to the considerate staff.