Mysterious: Abandoned House Reveals 18th Century War Scene. Click To Know More

France is full of magic and mystery and this cryptic French abandoned home is truly a depiction of a war time capsule with awe-inspiring tales frozen in its wall. Wait for the living room, there’s a surprise in the centre of the hall.

Ok, so no one is aware of the true owner of this French Renaissance Architecture, but it truly seems to have been abandoned without any trace. Although, the interiors and decors reveal the place belonged to a mysterious war fanatic, what is most amazing is the living room that is largely been occupied by what we see a 18th century style Cannon.



The living room!

If you look around, you will also find reminiscence of French revolution and war; American Star and Stripes and Union Jack Flag can be seen on the walls.




The eerie feeling is unnerving yet mystifying because everything has been laid and glued in time immemorial and it will make you wonder as to what happened to the occupants.

Among other things, few notable French artefacts that can are poignant in the house are a beautiful billiard table, French king size bedroom, French resonance mural depicts.



The photos are taken by Parisian Photographer Florian Michaud as he is extremely bewitched with the idea of life and death, people who vanish in thin air and vintage stories that take place in the air of forbidden and abandoned houses such as this.
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