Now You Can Turn Into A Diamond. Yes, It’s Possible.

Pink Floyd, the iconic Rock band struck quite an emotional note when they did, ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’. Now, it turns out, your loved ones, once they leave for heavenly abode can shine on you quite literally.



No we aren’t being mean, just merely stating facts by the startling new concept introduced by Swiss start-up Algordanza, that specializes in making diamonds from the extracts of human buried remains.



Yep, you read that right! There’s always a pain in parting from a loved one and pain in letting someone close and irreplaceable go. But with Algordanza, a diamond manufacturing start-up that specializes in creating memorial diamonds that alike normal diamonds are made of 20 percent carbon.



So here’s the science manufacturing part: Algordanza utilizes carbon, very little of which is left in the ashes from cremation, which is about 1-5%. In the firm’s lab, this carbon, from your loved deceased one is treated under high temperature and thus graphite for the memorial diamond is formed.



Interesting, isn’t it? And therefore, what transpires from the emotional and arduous process of parting with a close one is an acquisition from his or her remains, which stay with you for eternity, well at least in feelings! And this souvenir is as precious as that lasting memory that never fades away from the heart. And on top of it, takes delightfully beautiful form that adorns your personality.
How interestingly have times changed, haven’t they?