OMG: Rainbow In A Room? Read To Find Out More

The world is full of museums. Symposiums of an idea, an era, record-keepers of a civilization and remnants that determine an age or civilization, museums are determinant of some of the most dominant beliefs, eras, ages and discourses of our times. And one wonders why shouldn’t there be loads of museums, for there is so much of history out there that is ought to be recorded and documented.



But implicit in the concept of museums is establishing a forte or a niche. And every age has some revolutionary artists who lend a cutting-edge finesse to a museum through art. And perhaps, in today’s era, one such artist is Gabriel Dawe.

But what is it about Gabriel Dawe’s exhibit that has drawn so many people and been even tagged ‘controversial’?




The Toledo Museum of Art houses Gabriel Dawe’s surreal looking artwork that focuses on refracted light of rainbows. At first sight, it seems as though, what was installed at the heart of the museum were a real rainbow.

But it isn’t. But what is it? Can you take a guess?

It will bewilder you to find out what represents the rainbow!




The near-perfect rainbow is actually made of a million tiny threads that are multi-colored. Interestingly, the artwork has an emphatic name.




Plexus no. 35 is surrounded by old masterpieces and Gabriel Dawe specifically created this stunning artwork to give a refreshing new touch to this museum.