OMG: This Cow Is So Tall It Can Give A Shocker To NBA Players

The word ‘Daniel’ in most parts of the word seems to be the first name of a serious, studious and even enigmatic sort of an individual. Somewhere, we all have or have had a Daniel kind of friend in our lives. But what if we were to share that Daniel isn’t the name of a human being, rather an interesting name of a completely different mammal and one who is in fact, a record breaking soul.



How would you react. In case you’re confused about the whole Daniel situation, please turn over and get yourself sorted.


Meet Daniel, arguably the world’s most talked about cow.

Yes, you read that right sans mistakes. This is a cute, cuddly and adorable cow that lives in Eureka in California, USA. But here’s a catch! There is something outstanding about Daniel that few people know and something that makes owner Mr. Ken Farley incredibly proud.




Weighing over 2300 pounds and measuring about 6 feet 4 inches in height, Daniel is world’s largest and tallest cow ever as of now.

This incredible measurement has earned Daniel a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.



The Holstein Steer is fed 100 pounds of hay and about 15 pounds of grain. It can guzzle about 100 gallons of water and has since, the record-breaking revelation emerged as an endearing public spectacle in California. British and US tabloids and press have since given extensive coverage to this mighty mammal who is in fact ten times larger than the shortest cow in the world that hails from India.