Optical Illusions: They Are Going To Play With Your Mind. Game On, Baby!

Life is a puzzle they say. We’ve also heard many a times that life is but an illusion. A great paradox of conflicting choices and confusing turnstiles. But such is life. Perhaps these magnificent images only lived up to this philosophical idea about life.

Are you game to uncover some bizarrely confusing optical designs that will twinge your mind? Get going


1) Spot the ‘Grey’ matter in these boxes



You would think the two boxes to be of different grey shade? Truth couldn’t be further from this. They are exactly the same color. Put a finger on their dividing line!
If you wish to uncover something even amazing, continue reading. 


2) What’s in a face? Another face?



Yeah, this is stuff that plays with your mind. You can see this image from different views, first and from the side and you’ll find them to be two different faces. Genius stuff isn’t it?


3) Are you good at Math? Let’s see!



We challenge you to count the number of legs of this elephant! Surely, the puzzler behind this enigma wanted to flummox his audience! And he succeeded.

The next one, is going to play with your mind we guarantee


4) Blinking dots



Yeah, this isn’t GIF, it’s a still image. The fun part is, the more you stare at the white dots, the more you’ll realize it’s the black you see. Hmm, stuff in our mind really?

Easily the best one in the sequence is up next, trust us!


5) Age isn’t a number



Yeah, it is actually an instance of confusion! As pointed out in the image of an apparent old woman which is actually a young girl as seen from the ‘side’.


6) Enemies closer?



That’s what this confusing illusion seems to be suggesting!

The cat has a mice on its face, or is it just a cat looking like a mice face.