Pen Pals: These Friends Are Making The World A Better Place. Read To Know How

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Not too long ago, the concept of having a ‘pen pal’ was incredibly famous. This isn’t to say that in the contemporary generation, one dominated so much by technology, increasingly finding its presence in our lives through social media, the concept of ‘Pen Friend’ is dead.

It exists, albeit silently, shadowed by the technological grasp of E mails, e-notes, voice texts and communication made accessible in the digital age. People still converse, with absolute strangers, forging delicate friendships and emotional bonds savored through ‘pen names’ in a communication that carries ethos and feeling; emotions slightly robbed by the digital means of communicating.

But, recently, a really interesting news surfaced that assured that not only was the ‘Pen Pal’ communication existing but thriving, at least amidst limited friend circles.

A woman did something incredibly beautiful, going out her way, coming in aid of another ‘pen friend’.
Here’s what happened.




Joanne White, an incredibly kind and sweet woman from Dundalk, Ireland, flew miles across the Atlantic Ocean to be the bridesmaid of her ‘pen-friend’, Kim Marciniack from Indianapolis whom she first interacted courtesy a school program 16 years back. Interestingly, the two women had never even met before prior to their beautiful meeting at Kim’s wedding.

While Joanne White made several connections with many ‘pen friends’ around the world, her friendship with Kim in USA struck a different chord altogether. The two friends, separated by miles between Ireland and USA but united in heart and feeling stuck together. And finally, the most poignant moment of their relationship arrived.




Through letters a constant touch was forged and through sweet, well-meaning exchanges, the bond between Kim and Joanne turned special, into a lasting affair. So much so, that when Kim decided to get married, her longtime friend, Joanne was standing right beside her as her adoring bridesmaid.

Here’s the most beautiful aspect of this special friendship




In an age where friendships have sadly been reduced to a literal ‘give and take affair’, it is rare and emphatically beautiful to find two individuals, so beautifully connected regardless of the massive geographical distance, given that they came in contact as ‘pen friends’. Rare, don’t you think?