Read How This Pet Dog Was Found On The Highest Mountain Top And How He Was Reunited With His Owners

There could be nothing more painful than having an adorable pet dog getting lost in the wilderness. It can cause quite a lot of heart-ache for loving owners. Recently, a Border Terrier named Harris got lost on the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis.



But what happened next to this amazing and adorable pet named Harris would make you believe in the power of miracles.




Miraculously, days after getting lost on Britain’s highest mountain range, Ben Nevis, this Border Terrier, Harris was found. Yes, the unbelievable happened right at an altitude of 1345 m, which is about 4411 feet above the seal level.

But who discovered this dog? And did he finally go back home?



Harris’ owners, both dentists working at Fort William, Christoff and Alison Du Plessis were heart-broken when their pet disappeared chasing off a deer. Amidst fading light, there were no signs of Harris until he was discovered by two climbers.

What happened next will make you believe in the unbelievable



Miraculously, both climbers spotted Harris and sent him home safely in a taxi. Discovering Harris’ number on his tag, toward late afternoon, the climbers helped save Harris and in turn, brought back the vanishing smile on his owners’ face.