Read To Find Out Why Finland’s Education System Is The Best In The World

One of the most intriguing nations in Europe- cold but alluring, sporty but laidback, charming yet electrifying beautiful- Finland is the unsung hero of Europe. The land of sauna, Jacuzzi bath, Nokia and Kimi Raikkonen, Finland is also renowned for one of the best educational systems in the whole world.



It’s educational system stresses on practical, learning-based knowledge instead of cramming and incessant mugging up of context from school textbooks. Sassy, communicative and outgoing, Finnish students are a bright group of one of the most sound minds.



And this revelation became all the more telling when one of Finland’s latest ruling toward its education system emboldened its stand on reforming students and the way they ‘consume’ education. Finland, just hours before made news for abolishing all generic school subjects like Math, Physics, History, Geography and Literature.



What will now be inducted will be a holistic and perhaps a scientific way of learning subjects. For instance, when a student undergoes ‘working in a cafe course’, he or she will have to prove communication skills, analytical skills using math and off course basic economics understanding.

Similarly, tricky and extensive subjects like Second World War, wherein one of the greatest snipers was a Finnish himself, Simo Hayha, will be approached from a mathematical, historical and geographical perspective.



Isn’t that just brilliant? That is Finland for you- evolved and creative!