Rosenberg Has A Human Best Friend, Topher. Let’s Look At Their Story.

America- the ingenious land of diversity, the great Abe, Hollywood, Lady Gaga, humor in everyday lives and now off course Donald Trump, has given yet another bizarrely funny reason to warm up to it.



The man is called Topher Brophy. And funnily so, this man, for all his deeds and they are grand and ecstatic in humor- deserves a trophy- for his surname actually rhymes with one.

Let us get to know them better.

Topher Brophy, a New Yorker, doesn’t need too many friends to survive, doesn’t need the romantic shenanigans to feel ‘involved’ in life and truth be told, can live on less than half a lung to breathe but cannot do without his best mate and companion for life- Rosenberg.



Sounds sweet, doesn’t it! But Rosenberg and Topher aren’t your regular best friends. They don’t discuss American politics in engaging verbatim, they did not endorse Hillary or Trump for President and haven’t yet disclosed their first crush to one another. It’s difficult, actually impossible- for Rosenberg is a dog! And Topher Brophy its caring owner and keeper.



But here’s the funny and jovial part, Topher Brophy is so much in awe and love with his ‘best friend’ that he gets to dress himself and Rosenberg in exactly the same costumes and clothing that makes them ‘two of a kind’.



Whether in their exact same avatar in an outdoorsy mood, or while wearing curlers on their hair, or even while playing Basketball, the two dress up identically the same. Hats off! This endearing spirit of love and inseparable bond between the two – man and dog- proves that friendships aren’t made in heaven, but forged on earth.