SHOCKING: Chefs Reveal What You Should Never Order On The Menu

Who doesn’t like to gorge into some delectable food at a top rated restaurant? After all, it’s not just the food but the place where you dig in! Ain’t that right fellas?

But a little birdie tells us that recently an undisclosed personality, working as a top class chef disclosed certain dishes that one mustn’t order in a restaurant:

1) Fish on a Monday



Surprised? The fish that you order, regardless of how fresh it looks, has been hanging out in the cooking area for a while. Majority of restaurants, in the West order their fish on a Thursday and when on Monday your order is made, you don’t exactly get the freshest salmon!

But wait till you found out what the next item was!

2) Eggs Benedict



This one is a universal favorite for its soggy, soft taste. Plus, it has tons of butter in it. But the problem is the creamy hollandaise sauce with which Eggs Benedict is served.

Chefs confess that the dish needs to be treated at a certain temperature before its rendered fit to eat. And Chefs seldom follows the due course.

3) Any dish ‘off’ menu



We all have days and moments where we request something that’s off the menu. But when you do that, it is bound to annoy the cooks and staff and what you may be eating something that may be ‘compromised’ on quality.

A shocker awaits you next.

4) Wagyu Beef



It’s luxurious fatty cost plus the sheer rarity with which this beef is found makes it an avoidable item.

5) Caesar’s Salad



Not always do you get the freshest and juiciest greens when you order this one. Stickler for quality? Then avoid it