Shocking: These Heart-Breaking Images Reveal All That Is Wrong In The World


At a time where the world is reeling under the unbelievable shock of seeing change in top echelons of American Presidency, in times marred by a colossal damage wrecked by terror groups such as ISIS (destroying lives in Middle East), Al-Shabad, a militant group creating furor in East Africa and, the general geopolitical chaos that has ruptured the world from within, nothing could matter more than Human Rights.


On December 10, the eve of International Day of Human Rights, we find ourselves amidst prolonged reasons of mourning. But this isn’t just about the chaotic uprisings in the Middle East or the sporadic and predictable rise of terror outfits in Europe and Africa, it points to another matter that commands signals greater decay in our civilization: gross human rights violation.


Human Rights violations- including deliberate mistreatment of children, adults and whatnot, courtesy a serial disorientation of society through forced labor, bonded labor, child sexual abuse, bride burning and other ‘burning issues’, is heightening the travesty we have amidst us. Let us throw a challenge at you!
Can you muster enough courage to bear these pictures, that scream telling details about all that is wrong with this world?


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