Socially Relevant: These 9 Sketches Depict Beautifully All That Is Wrong With Our World

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No other subject in the tumultuous and exhilarating 21st century finds as many lovers as critics as Art. Negated often as a fancy extension of one’s ideologies and derided as an etching of vanity, art reserves the power to draw human attention to subjects, identities, ideas and trends that many gladly ignore.

But speaking of ignorance, there may not be a parallel age than the one we are living in that rules as much on ignorance as it breeds on it’s after-effects, that are mostly conveniently ignored.


The plight of the poor, the suffering of the carefully concocted ‘chosen few’ who come to represent the hurting of millions renders an indefinite blow toward world’s hopes of being seen an ‘equal and just society’. And in this regard, exceptional artist and a charisma extraordinaire, Luis Quiles has depicted all that is wrong with our world through poignant and moving sketches that hurt just as much as they inform us of the extremities in today’s day and age.

Discover the brutal carnage amidst which we live and perhaps, happily exist

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