Something Shocking Came Out Of Three Eggs. Read To Find Out More

Eggs are best and cheapest form of Nutrition. Completely packed with protein, vitamin D and iron, eggs are not only delicious but they are versatile too. You can prep up any dish of yours with eggs without having to worry about the outcome.

Having said that, eggs can also be a health hazard if not properly picked and bought.

This is what happened to Ady Reid when he had an episode with his breakfast eggs.

Ady Reid, like any other ordinary father bought a dozen eggs to make breakfast for his sons. The eggs looked quite healthy from the outside. But on that fateful morning he was horrified to see blood instead of yolk coming out of the eggs.




When Ady Reid broke one of the eggs, he was shocked to see blood oozing out of the egg. He was perplexed to find blood in two more eggs. He decided to share the images on Facebook to spread awareness. He also said that hereafter he may never want to have eggs again.



Eggs are bred in different parameters and conditions.

However, there’s a procedure called Candling that processes eggs to determine if there is an embryo in them.

We are pretty sure the eggs bought by Ady had not undergone Candling. However, the good news is Ady did get a refund and a free wine bottle from the grocery store after he showed the pics and raised a complaint about the incident.

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